Intermediate English Course Software For Your PC/MAC.

Refine your English and Boost Your Speaking Confidence. “Learn how to speak English fluently in a short time”.

English Intermediate Courses: Learn how to speak English fluently

Here is a Unique and Complete Software to Learn how to speak English fluently. “It’s time you acquired a better structure!”

Speaking with Confidence Daily.
Well explained practical English lessons.
8 Complete Intermediate Courses.
2000+ Activities, 8 eBooks + 10 extra Materials.


6 Intermediate + 2 Advanced Courses

This is your glorious opportunity to refine your speaking confidence and fluency.

2000+ Quiz Activities

At the end of each lesson, check your progress by completing quizzes based on the topic learned.

Quiz Activities include: Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading and Listening.

24/7 Live Chat With Your Teacher


Take advantage of live chat tool  while learning. All questions and difficulties answered real time. 

Having problems in any topic? No worries! Your teacher will explain more with examples.

Download or View Course Extra Materials

Each course has complete eBook format included. You can download or view them from the software. 6 eBooks for intermediate, 2 eBooks for advanced and 10 important extra materials. 

Learn how to speak English fluentlyDownload For (Windows PC/MAC)

  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10  32bit/64bit.
  • MAC OS X 10.9 64bit or Later.

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